Proposed Changed to HSE First Aid Training Regulations

After October 2013 the planned changes will mean that the HSE will no longer be responsible for directly approving and monitoring First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work Training Providers.

This will mean that employers will no longer be able to check that the training they are receiving is accredited purely by checking that the name on the training organisation providing their certification is on the HSE website.

There is a lack of information and clarity as to how an employer can be sure that the training they are receiving is A. Fit for purpose or B. Provided and certified by a professional training organisation.

Some organisations state that only QCF Accredited certifications will be allowed when the changes have been made, from the documentation we have received this is not the case, however, choosing a training provider who can offer QCF accredited courses leaves employers in no doubt as to whether the training being provided is accredited and removes the need for the employer to prove due diligence and investigate the qualifications of the trainer and the content of the courses being delivered.

A second option which would provide employers with more confidence is to offer certifications through a larger third party training organisation which would enable them to reassure their customer that there training is still monitored and approved and that the trainer's qualifications are up to date and that the course content is correct.

ProTrainings is able to offer both options to smaller training providers, they will continue to monitor and support trainers as they have been doing under the HSE regulations but are now working in close partnership with Future Awards and Qualifications (an Ofqual Regulated Awarding Organisation) to enable those that wish to deliver QCF certifications to do so.

This means that smaller training providers can have the support, free updates to training materials, free marketing and student manuals and be provided with leads and the various other benefits ProTrainings centres receive while being able to offer QCF or ProTrainings CPD certified certifications to their customers or employees.

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